Monday, January 30, 2017

The Bitch, or Allegory of a Slur (a panel of my A Gingerbread Man's/Woman's World triptych) , 2012

The Bitch, or Allegory of a Slur (+ A Black Man)
(the center panel of my triptych A Gingerbread Man's/Woman's World)
acrylic on shaped canvas
laterally 48 x 31 1/2 inches

The early 2012 version of this triptych, that is to say before I decided to make improvements on it, was first shown at Marcel Antonio's February 2012 show titled "The Romantic Lie" at the RCBC Tower gallery in Makati. I was a guest presence on a wall at the show, and Antonio himself made a diptych in answer to this triptych, using the same canvas shapes I used. The canvases were shaped and prepared by the labor of my friend, the Bulacan painter Rex Tatlonghari. Another Antonio painting at the show, titled "Waiting for the Gingerbread Man," also "quoted" a panel of my triptych, painting my panel painting into the scene of his piece.