Wind Above, Sea Below (I Ching Stripes) [2004]

Jojo Soria de Veyra. Hangin sa Taas, Dagat sa Baba (I Ching Stripes) [Wind Above, Sea Below (I Ching Stripes)]. Line photograph and pastel on pastel paper, 2004 [LOST WORK]

July 21, 2004
Tacloban City.

Hello again, Miguel, I only just now have gotten to sit down on this other desk to write about this piece that I finished last week. I am writing a screenplay-novel, you see, the reason why I can't spend more time on my art pieces for you.
    Anyway, this is a continuation of my experiments with the line photograph. This one, of your Mama in the early '90s in front of a window and beside two umbrellas hanging from the window's ledge and facing aslant a wall, has been printed on pastel paper, thus the striped pattern effect. I was already enamored with the mechanical imprint but thought of a way by which I could provide a sort of counter to it using soft pastel. Then I saw this photograph of your Mama with a shirt bearing an I Ching hexagram and I thought this was the context-ridden stripes I was looking for.
    Then, given the angelic look on your Mama's face in that photo, I thought I'd soften the whole thing not just tone-wise (graphite could have done it) but also texture- and color-wise. So there was no better choice than pastels, as anyway this was pastel paper I printed the line photo on.
    The result? A Picasso-esque (pre-Cubist Picasso) cum Chagallian piece with Oriental allusions. All a miraculous outcome of a simple objective of letting the "impersonal" printer roller's marks fight with the soft pastel chalks' "personal" caresses.



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