The Sea, 1989

Ang Dagat [The Sea]. 
1989. charcoal, graphite, and oil pastel on paper

This is another lost piece. And it was another experiment in juxtaposing graphite images (with their inherent shimmer) and charcoal images (with their charred appeal) over oil pastel neutrality. Inspired by the sinking of the M/V Doña Paz, the piece primarily wanted to evoke the darker side of the sea's shimmer. Here's what I would be writing if I were an art blurb writer:
     "A large tuna's happy pinkness is quickly echoed by blood red. A superimposed outrigger boat contour drawing evokes a ghost. The graphite barnacle-like shimmer on the panel-dividing wood image is overwhelmed by the dominant charcoal char. A pair of drowning 'charred hands' appear as if for the last time at the frame's upper left edges (also as though clinging to the picture)."



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