Pizza From Washington DC, 1989

Pizza Mula Washington DC (Pizza from Washington DC)
. 1989. charcoal, graphite, wax crayon, colored pencils, black ballpoint pen, and oil pastel on paper

The contrived framing format parodies certain flairs at portrait framing. This was one of my early attempts at quasi-expressionist portraiture -- portraying no model's face but an abstract Westerner (a Lincolnian sort of face, but black, or perhaps only supposedly in bronze). So the face becomes a symbol of America, surrounded by other soft emblems from pop culture (even the devil image is supposed to be funny). The whole pop-ness of this is only shattered by a diagonal red blade (sword? leaf?).
    The fragment of a colorful circular object above the central head softens again however the whole composition. Is it something you can eat? Is it the globe? Is it a feminine parasol? Or is that the literal pizza piece from Washington D.C. hanging over one's head?


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