Maroon'd, Return'd, 1989

Maroon'd, Return'd. 1989. charcoal, color pencils, oil pastel, graphite, wax crayon, and ballpoint pen on paper [LOST WORK]

Here is another one from my playing around with semantic text within art-making. It started as an attempt at a humorous play upon the "maroon"-tagged red color, then colors and darkness found themselves blooming all about the "marooned" image. Then contexts of exile and . . . a longing for return? Within images of war and spies and maternity, vis-a-vis image/pattern representations culled from ethnic art, cinema, and contented pop culture. Is that brown image behind the feet actually a large slice of chocolate cake? What is that piece of nutrition doing here then? And the abstract door symbols? Escape? Entry? MacArthurian legend, this?


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