Imitation Scroll, 1989

Gaya-gaya Scroll (o, Mas Katoliko) [Imitation Scroll (or, More Catholic)]. 1989. wax crayon, charcoal, graphite, color pencils, ballpoint pen, and oil pastel on paper.

I was interested in parodies back in '89. Imitation Scroll is almost a parody of the mixed media result, but done from a Christian perspective. A seeming answer also to the Taoist scroll that purports to be about the problematic relationship between man and nature, Gaya-gaya celebrates instead materials as blessings, as products that derive from a persona-source that purportedly "made them all". The image of an enveloping fearsome weather condition amidst all the "blessings" could be this Christian scroll's version of the Taoist yin and yang balance that finally dissolves into the drawing art form's disciplining quietude.


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