At the Nipa Outhouse, 1983-89

Sa Palikurang Nipa (At the Nipa Outhouse). 1983-89. pastel pencils, graphite, wax crayon, and blue and black ballpoint pen ink on paper

Here, again, I appropriated images from past art while ignoring (or liberating them from) their historical or mythological significances. This piece puts this male figure in soft pastel grey in a rather mutilated mode (castrated, albeit only "sculpturally"). He quickly finds himself face to face with other material imagery: metal, crockery (from a Julian Schnabel work), plaster (from a Louise Bourgeois one?), hair, grass, wood. Again, I thought I could bring in the possibility of maintaining a religious intervention in the progressing juxtaposition (two crosses, the Eye of Providence [but it's a nose!]). The nipa in the title is in a graphite drawing of a framed graphite drawing.
    Here are ideas of masculinity, fragility, strength, nutrition, life, and again, God and godness. Maybe.


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