Altar at the Resort, 1990

Jojo Soria de Veyra. Altar Sa May Resort [Altar at the Resort]. 1990. oil on canvas

Here leaning on a table on my terrace, this still-unfinished painting is my homage to both Christianity and Symbolist painting. The rocks in the picture, emulating the flow of Middle Eastern robes, are witness to a crucifixion. The central X alludes both to the centurions' spear at the Crucifixion of Jesus as well as the wound on the Christ's crucified figure (there's supposed to be a red gash on the right side of the road right where the top end of the stick touches the asphalt) and to the X on new glass windows rebelling against three-dimensionality. What else could it connote? Snub-nosing realism, perhaps, in Gauguinist symbolism's favor? The island-cum-plant box on the asphalt parking lot may signify a coffin, while the gatehouse door is supposed to have the INRI sign above it. The lifeguard tower? Ah, the beautiful life guard guarding the beauty of life. The sea's horizon? Maybe a tribute to the view of the sea as a picture of life, life's hazards, as well as death and passage.


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